Vietnam visa for Egyptians

Vietnam visa for Egyptian nationality (Egypt) - Vina Holiday Travel with over 10 years experience as a Vietnam visa for foreigners immigration, nationality, Vietnam tourist visa, business, visiting relatives , labor, temporary residence card ...Visitors to Vietnam need to have immigration procedures. Visa is issued at the diplomatic missions, consulates of Vietnam in foreign countries. Where there is no diplomatic mission, consulate of Vietnam in your country, you can get a visa at the border, but to an invitation of the authorized representative in Vietnam or travel the tour by the company International Travel of Vietnam to chuc.Nhung papers include:
- An application for entry in the printed form (form may change, depending on diplomatic missions, consulates of Vietnam in foreign countries). There are two forms: one for foreigners and a sample form for the Vietnamese people residing abroad. Customers need to declare fully and accurately the required items.

- Two photo size 4 × 6 or 3 × 4.
- Original Passport
- The visa fee.
Applications and photos sent to diplomatic missions or representations of Vietnam in water ngoaima guests find most convenient. If requested, the results can be sent by post (guests need to provide stamped envelopes and full name and address of the recipient).
The visa application more convenient when traveling through an international travel company in Vietnam as Vina Holiday Travel ( The information customers need to provide travel Vina Holiday Travel includes:
1.Ho, full name
2.Ngay and place of birth
3.Quoc President
5.So passport
6.Ngay, days away
7.Du to receive visas at the diplomatic missions, consulates of Vietnam in
For Vietnamese people residing abroad, a few things to add: and reason to leave Vietnam, Vietnamese vessels leave, the name and address of relatives in Vietnam, relations with relatives in Vietnam.
Countries are exempt from Vietnam visa (valid from 15 days to 30 days), including:
Citizens of these countries signed a bilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos or is a citizen of Japan, South Korea Vietnam unilateral visa exemption.
Visa exemption for citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and The LanNgay 04.13.2005, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued decision No. 808/2005/QD-BNG together with the Regulation on visa exemption for citizens countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
- From 01/5/2005, citizens of said country, irrespective of the type of passport and entry purposes, shall be exempt from entry and exit Vietnam for a stay not exceeding 15 days from the date of entry, if it satisfies the following conditions: a valid passport issued by the competent authority of the country where the passport is a citizen, a passport valid for at least 03 months from the date of entry; There are round-trip transportation ticket or go to another country; Not subject to prohibit entry or without entry under the provisions of Vietnamese law.
- Those eligible for Vietnam visa exemption mentioned above, after entering Vietnam want to stay more than 15 days and if there is good reason, agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam to the Ministry of Public Security (Bureau Immigration) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Department, Protocol Department, the Department of Foreign Affairs. Ho Chi Minh City), they may be considered for extension of temporary residence visa in accordance with the purpose for stay .
- Citizens of the above countries if temporary residence in Vietnam for more than 15 days must apply for a visa as prescribed.

Visa experience in Vietnam and third countries

Like most people probably already know from before, almost like we have to get a Vietnam visa in most countries around the world and with one of the countries and regions in particular, self-tourist visa but did not take the tour or through tourism organization is difficult and many people have been denied visa.

So I open this topic for people to share experiences visa, limited tourist visa Dynasty, with the Vietnamese people as well as you are temporary and work in one country have when they Compared fully but still rejected without clear reason. This topic so not 100% guarantee will be issued a Vietnam visa but we hope will help you to prepare one good records (or "pro" by my users) through the experience of people have asked and as would be more confident about the possibility of a visa

There is one problem on the visa I would like you to many, many times for a visa and then share their experiences here you can also contribute based on their own experience or through someone that you know

I intend to divide topic this:

1. Vietnamese citizens do not need visa

2. Vietnamese citizen can apply for a visa at the border or transit (nominally transit but actual travel, such as the Czech Republic so less than 5 days)

3. The basic documents should be submitted to apply for a visa and how to prepare these papers (where, how, etc.)

I never in Vietnam tourist visa, but as far as I know, the more complex paperwork in a foreign country do not know if you can get wrote households me before about the general documents required in Vietnam is not If not, I'll post my experience for overseas Vietnamese and through which you added

4. The special case (which should contribute most people)

Will be one of the countries require additional papers, or regulate about papers not like anyone, if there is information before it will anticipate and prepare better (sometimes the time for a visa long, misses a journey because papers not DSQ asserting enough to produce more)

I know that all the information about Vietnam visa papers are available on the website of DSQ, telephone and email contact with the consular officer to contact if any of them can not clearly asked consular staff but there are points to be i รก asked each person to confirm.