Travel Vietnam 2014 Tet Giap Ngo

1 . Flower Street Da Nang ( Da Nang Tourism )
In recent years , the young city of Da Nang Vietnam travel bothering attracted many tourists to visit the resort , because of the careful investment in tourism services . 2013 Chinese New Year last , Da Nang has invested 17 billion for Spring Flowers Bach Dang Street in 2013 and gave local residents and visitors alike enjoyed the moments are great . This success has created a driving force for the United Way in 2014 . Although plans to build a 2014 United Way has not been disclosed , but with more creative ideas are suggested , the United Way in 2014 promising a brilliant, good impression for visitors looking to enjoy the Tet Giap Ngo .

2 . Spring breezes in the highlands of Ba Na
Considered by many things such as Da Lat 2 , Bana plateau period of spectacular city views and extremely healthy climate . With the end of the cold air much like Da Lat air or Europe, Bana result is quite interesting destinations - where visitors can find the carefree moments of peace for the soul. Tet Giap Ngo Ba Na is one of the very sensible choice when travel Vietnam, so people can dispel stress , fatigue and worries of a years long .

3 . Spring buds on land north
Bring in your very own beauty changing seasons , fall apart glamor captivates the crowd , Hanoi Spring has secretly very own charm . Charm that spreads from traditional Tet atmosphere still intact in the Southern village , beautiful soft peach petals as the Ha of beautiful girls are on the road early Luck ... Once in Hanoi to experience the festival atmosphere where the old town , eager to set foot on land north Luck , will be an occasion where all visitors can clearly feel the essence of the culture of the Vietnamese New Year .

4 . Enjoy the spring Halong Bay ( Ha Long Bay )

Maybe spring travel at sea is not popular form of large numbers of Vietnamese tourists . However, if one attempts the family 's experience of spring on Ha Long Bay , you will feel strange allure of the sea sky spring day . Seawater has even more green than blue , the wind and the waves gently as more softer , and paintings adorn the great nature 's small boats of Halong coastal residents eager to welcome spring .... . Food is the most interesting moments of experience is not it !

5 . Northwest in spring
Reo spring on high is probably one of the most beautiful paintings that have enamored many people . The air was cool , the band dissolved in sunny mist to reveal the lush green forests , rolling hills, upland , or boisterous atmosphere of the Northwest Spring Fair ... colorful animated footage is nicely worth for visitors to enjoy

6 . Spring travel on Pearl Island
Dao Ngoc Phuc Quoc or - perhaps no stranger to tourists travel Vietnam. Jade Spring Island is a worthy to enjoy the spring weather at this time of year is best . Fresh green grass , blue sea and sun light are the same fresh seafood ... maybe not that interesting of a spring trip here as an early gift , reward your self and family .

7 . Nha Trang for Tet ( du lich nha trang )

Coming to Nha Trang Vietnam travel in the new year , I guarantee you will enjoy very own beauty and exciting city of gentle sea . Located in the quiet space of the spring green petal beach , the flower market no hustle bustle , is a joyful entertainment world with modern people enthusiastic marine origin , liberal . Once Nha Trang for Tet to enjoy a slow pace of life has just recently bustle sincere when warm earth islands in spring .

8 . Da Lat - a thousand flowers bloom

Dalat always so - as a teenager she was always bright beautiful spring . That the definition of fresh More pretty dazzling splendor to the occasion when blooming every flavor of the Lunar New Year . In the fiery breath of the mountain town , the thin morning mist afternoon , the breeze brought little chilly highlands of ... will be condensed to the concerns of life , but only to give visitors everywhere a sense of calm romantic difficult to describe .