Vietnam visa extension procedures in Ho Chi Minh City police

Foreigners staying in Ho Chi Minh City if visa expires can renew the visa for a period of visa in the Import Management police the city. The alien visa extension at the Exit and Entry Management Department police the city include:

- Foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism purposes.

- Foreigners entering Vietnam for the purpose of trade, investment

- Foreigners entering Vietnam to visit relatives;

- Foreigners entering Vietnam to get married.- Foreign investment;

Head offices and non-governmental organizations;Lawyer was the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice granted a license;- The foreign workers are granted a work permit. .....Profile foreigners need to prepare for visa extension at the city police include:

- Legal documents of business, organization bail out (Include copy of business registration, a copy of the certificate of seal, duplicate tax registration codes, Registration form signed and mark);

- Foreign passport must be valid for at least 06 months;

- Work permit (In the case of foreign workers to apply for a visa for a period of 03 months or more; Investors, bureau chief project, non-governmental organizations, foreign lawyers are granted licensed in Vietnam do not have to apply for a work permit)

- The Request for extension of visa Vietnam.

Note on the application to record the Vietnam Visa.This form is confirmed by the company or organization in Vietnam if the organization and the company guarantee in Vietnam. This form is confirmed by the police of communes, wards if the visa is guaranteed by the Vietnamese individuals. (Commune or ward Vietnam permanent residence).

- Other documents according to the specific requirements of the exit and entry management agency (such as a lease, the list of foreign workers ...... )

If you have any problems related to the Vietnam visa procedures need to be answered or to get the correct information please contact us at the address shown on this website at the visa office Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City office of us for detailed instructions.