Making Vietnam visa, what documents need

Vietnam visa is a visa papers makes entry and exit of each citizen becomes easier and also a way for countries to manage the entry and exit of each person.

To be able to Vietnam visa, customers need to prepare some of the following documents:

- 01 application form for a visa (in the prescribed form), photo

- Passport or valuable papers instead of passports (hereinafter referred to as passport).

- Written informed consent of the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or the Consular Department of the Foreign Affairs Department of Ho Chi Minh City (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

However, all citizens should note the following issues to be able to handle the situation if encountered in Vietnam visa application process:

+ First, foreigners need to contact the agencies, organizations and individuals invited or guarantee in Vietnam to process a visa application for the approval of the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or Department Consulate, Department of Foreign Affairs Ho Chi Minh City (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

+ Please visa SQ: You contact with diplomatic missions to specific instructions.

+ The duration of the remaining value of the passport must be at least one month compared with the period of validity of the granted visa.

+ The Vietnam abroad to visit relatives without passports, they must submit an application for a visa, papers issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries shall be valid entry or exit that country.

+ Stateless persons in Vietnam to visit relatives, travel and paperwork filed declarations valuable international travel by the country where the person is residing.