Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vietnam Visa Guide

Most foreign visitors must have a Vietnam visa. Vietnamese visa card to enter and exit from Vietnam at the airport in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang airport, or one of the twelve border of Vietnam, including 3 with Cambodia, three to China, and six with Laos.

1. For those individuals required to have entry visas to Vietnam, they need to get a visa before departure. There are two ways for them to apply for a visa, or is the visa approval letter online through a travel company as then stamped visa at the Vietnam international airports (Category This visa is called a visa at the airport of arrival) OR they can apply for a visa at the Embassy / Consulate of Vietnam in the country to get your passport stamped visa.

2. Tourist visa valid for 30 days. The government often talks about issuing visas at the airport for a certain number of priority countries, but this plan did not materialize. Paperwork Vietnamese visa has become fairly straightforward, but the Vietnamese visa cost is still relatively high and the visa process is still unnecessary waste of time.

3. Currently the entry visa through Vietnamese travel companies can do. The travel company will need to detail the applicant's passport first and then will send the visa approval letter to the applicant to confirm their visa will be issued at the airport in Vietnam . In Asia, the best place to get Vietnam visa is Cambodia, because here visa costs low - only 30 U.S. dollars and you can get a visa on the day of filing. Bangkok is also a popular location because many travel companies offer cheap travel packages that include airfare and visa.

4. If you are planning to leave Vietnam on 1 January, or you plan to exit from Vietnam and enter again from Cambodia or Laos, you should apply for a 3 month multiple entry visa. This type of visa fee is about 95 USD in Cambodia, but not all of the Vietnamese embassy issued visas. The feedback from our customers shows that appearance is also somewhat affect the level of reception you received at the entry and exit points at the airport. For example, if you wear shorts or clothes neatly, that look untidy or unshaven, you can see a little bit difficult. Therefore, the Vietnam visa should try to appear to look "decent".


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