Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vietnam Visa extension service

For extension of Vietnam visa in accordance with foreigners through agencies, organizations and individuals, such guarantee to proceed with immigration authorities. After receiving the request or proposal, agencies, organizations and individuals, such guarantee will send a written request together with your passport to the Immigration Administration or entry and exit management. Here the Exit and Entry Management Department will review and examine the information to process and allow visa extension in case of necessity and validity.

Foreigners in Vietnam when they need to remain in Vietnam to travel, visit family and work, while nearly expired visa must apply for visa extension. This is necessary and in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.All steps in the process of this extension should ensure the correct order of time and new legal procedures, without prejudice to the rights and interests of foreigners residing in Vietnam.If you are a foreign person or foreign ones who are looking to extend the visa but do not know to find out more information or procedures involved in where you can directly contact us. Apart from the visa service, EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM also provide service Vietnam visa extension. With many years of experience in services related to visa for foreign citizens we are sure will be your reliable partner.When there are any details related to the visa or visa extension for foreigners please contact us at one of the addresses below to get specific advice.

Location: Hoa Kỳ


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